Essay about Calibration of Volumetric Glasses



The purpose of this experiment is to;

•Identifying the range and limits of your measuring device.

•Rectifying virtually any instrumental error that might be present in an instrument.

•Investigating the limits and capabilities of your measuring tool.

•Determining the accuracy from the actual volume of a volumetric pipette, volumetric flask & measuring cylinder.  


The purpose of this experiment is to investigate the measurement from the actual volume contents of volumetric glasses. If there is a slight variation with this instrument, it would cause systematic error and therefore, the precision of effects of an try things out or analysis would be influenced.

All volumetric glassware features marking upon it. It is possibly being marked with TD or TC, which delivers the meaning of ‘to deliver' and ‘to contain' respectively. For example , a pipette contains a marking of TD, meaning a pipette is designated as a ‘to deliver'. Although, volumetric flask has TC as its marking, meaning it really is marked like a ‘to contain'.

A volumetric pipette & measuring cyndrical tube can be calibrated by just considering the water that they deliver. Regarding volumetric flask, the weight of an bare flask can be recorded. Up coming, weigh the flask following filling it with water to the indicate.

After that, it is crucial to convert the mass to quantity. The water thickness at a temperature can aid this process. The conformity of the Volume level Occupied by simply 1 . 000g of Water Weigh in Air table is regarded necessary throughout the comparison.

In order to obtain the true volume of volumetric glassware retains, this solution will be used.

This test shall be repeated twice more to enhance reliability of the results obtained. Besides detecting systematic errors, this kind of experiment would aid within the technique and understandings for the correct use of these gadgets.  


•10ml volumetric pipette

•25ml volumetric pipette

•100ml volumetric flask

•De-ionised water


•Analytical equilibrium

•Small conical flask

•Weighing bottles


1)Volumetric pipette adjusted (10ml & 25ml)

Transfer pipettes will be being cleaned if necessary. The necessity for cleaning can be judged by simply observing this particular if it will not drain uniformly and normal water droplet is seen in the inner surface. To do the washing of this device, use a cleaning solution or detergent.

The temperature of deionised normal water used to calibrate these pipettes must be by room temperatures. The water heat is then documented uniformly. By utilizing an conditional balance or a top reloading balance, this particular is ponder to the nearest cubic centimeters by using a container. A pot, either a little conical flask or a analyzing bottle is employed.

- A clear weighing bottle of wine must be weighed to it is nearest magnesium. - Fill the pipettes with deionised water for the mark.

- Water contained in the pipettes is then transferred to the weighing jar. In order to stop evaporation by occurring is to cover the containers.

- To have the water mass delivered from the pipette, the weighing jar must be re-weighed.

- Convert the leads to volume by using the mass � volume change table.

Repeat these methods twice even more on almost all pipettes.

2 . Volumetric flask adjusted (100ml)

Dry the flask if necessary. To execute this action, the flask is definitely clamped inverted. Take note this procedure should be done only by room temperature.

The deionised water can be used to load the flask up to the mark. Next, the flask is re-weighed.

Record the mass of water in the flask.

Results are converted to volume by the given solution above.

a few. Measuring tube calibration (50ml)

Calculate the water mass in the cylinder. Effects will be converted to volume by using the formula presented.  


10 mL pipette

Trial 1Trial 2Trial 3

Real volume (mL)11. 89712. 03811. 887



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