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A Critical Report on Concentric Groups of Concern

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Feb. several, 2010

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Oscar Thompson, the initial author of Concentric Groups of Concern, was a pastor intended for twenty years before teaching personal evangelism by Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He likewise served while the leader of the Oscar Thompson Evangelical Association. After being identified as having cancer, Thompson served because pastoral specialist of the Cancers Counseling and Research Foundation, as well as pastoral consultant and board part of the Trinity Valley The hospice Association, while ministering to prospects facing port illness. Upon his fatality in 1980, his partner, Carolyn, created the manuscript of the initially edition of Concentric Circles. Thompson's excellent work in the location of evangelism continues to be identified in the Watts. Oscar Thompson, Jr. Memorial Award in Evangelism, which can be presented to a exceptional scholar in the School of Theology at Southwestern Baptist Biblical Seminary. Claude King modified and current Thompson's initial work with the help of further discussion on several stages of evangelism which will Thompson taught in the initial edition, and also sections upon personalizing each chapter and small group study activities. Ruler, a discipleship training leader, has developed and written a lot of curriculum helpful lay discipleship, co-authored Going through God, and serves as a consultant in the Office of Prayer and Psychic Awakening for the Baptist General Conference of Ok. Content Overview

In this revised edition of W. Oscar Thompson's typical book upon evangelism, Thompson demonstrates the value of employing personal associations to share the gospel of Christ, as well as the necessity of mending and building personal interactions with others within your circle of influence. The over-arching theme of this work is a critical position of interactions, with Goodness, self, and others, in bringing the gospel of Christ towards the world and discipling new believers. Thompson stresses that right associations are not only a blessing for the personal evangelist and discipler, i. electronic. the reader, although also to prospects within their circle of effect. He is therefore convinced with the significance of relationships in evangelizing and discipling that he should go so far as to mention that, apart from proper subjective, the term ‘relationship' is " the most important expression in the English language language, ”even more important than ‘love' (p. 8). Reacting to the assert of the superiority of the expression ‘love, ' Thompson argues that marriage is the observe upon which take pleasure in rolls; love moves through a relationship, but what satisfies the deepest yearning of people is romance with other folks (p. 8). Therefore , this individual asserts, showing the love with the gospel of Christ depends upon relationships too. Based on this theme of creating, repairing, and maintaining proper relationships, Thompson develops a seven level approach to personal evangelism and discipling based on a model which in turn resembles the waves in a pool of water when ever struck by a raindrop, with each successive wave encircling the last; as a result, Concentric Circles. Thompson spots one's do it yourself at the center on this model, accompanied by family, family, friends, neighbours and co-workers, acquaintances, and finally, strangers, which will he labels as " Person X” (p. 20). He helps this model biblically by relating the story of Christ plus the Samaritan woman at the well, who, following meeting Jesus, went into area an advised others of Christ. Therefore , a ripple-effect of evangelism swept through the entire community because of one single testimony (pp. 18-19). King contributes to this model by simply surrounding this with several stages for making disciples: 1) Get proper with God, self, and more; 2)...


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