Online Reservation System of Dagupan Garden Small town Hotel Essay



1 ) 1 Background of the Research

A motel is an establishment that provides paid places to stay on a immediate basis. The provision of basic lodging, in times past, consisting only of your room with a bed, a cabinet, a small table and a washstand offers largely been replaced simply by rooms with modern facilities. As internet technology provides improved, and so do reservation systems. Today, it is possible through online, to make a booking for a resort anywhere in the world. Accommodations can generate Web site and post fresh content onto it every day. Dagupan Garden and Dagupan Small town Hotels happen to be twin hotels nestled within a calm suv area of Dagupan City away from the hustle and activity of the city's primary commercial and business centre. The managing encountered a number of problems in reservation just like phone call uncertainty; the administration have no crystal clear conversation with the guest within the telephone according to the information from the guest. An additional is discord regarding the accessibility to rooms, the guest stores a room personally without knowing the fact that rooms are fully ordered. Waste of time pertaining to the customers is yet another problem; the guest will have to find one other hotel when the rooms happen to be fully booked. The supporters decided to create a system that could simplify the job of classic booking. The proposed program will provide users a unique, natural and easy to use interface that improves the way people use the web today.

1 . two Statement from the Problem

The proposed program deals with the down sides encountered by the management and also the guests. This study is sub-divided into the following certain problems. 1 . Phone call misunderstandings

Through telephone call reservations, the management sees it hard to possess a clear discussion with the customer over the cell phone with regards to the required information through the guest. installment payments on your Conflicts with regards to room availability

For instance, the guest individually reserves a space without inquiring or with the knowledge that the areas are fully booked and occupied. a few. Waste of time pertaining to the guests

Every time a guest individually reserves a room on the spot with out inquiring, if the rooms will be fully arranged, then the customer will have to discover another resort.

1 . 3Objectives of the Examine

The primary objective of the study is to develop an online booking system. Especially, this study aims to:

1 ) To provide the management an accurate and specific information in the guests. installment payments on your To help the management and guest assessment options by available areas and function entree and rates. 3. To supply the guests a simple and practical way of reserving or reserving rooms and function halls within a short period of the time. 4. To promote international, regional and home tourism.

With the proposed program, it will help the management to manage the booking.

1 . some Scope and Delimitation

The scope with the proposed system will focus on the development of On the net Reservation System of Dagupan Garden/Village Hotel. It will cover the internet reservation of rooms and events and online termination. It also covers the repayment through lender deposits. This delimits the payment through use of credit-based card.

1 . a few Methods and Procedures

The proponents will use the following methods and procedures to gather information needed for the proposed system. 1 . a few. 1 Info Gathering Techniques

The advocates will use this techniques to collect information required for the recommended system. Brainstorming – The proponents distributed each other their very own ideas, know-how, and recommendations about the idea of the proposed system. Study – to gather the mandatory information essential for the suggested system, the proponents will use the internet to gather other information about the suggested system. Interview- to be able to collect the required data personally from the management required for their research.

1 . 5. 2 Advancement Methods

The proponents uses Prototyping Model in growing the system to boost the flexibility with the...


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