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 The Western Experience Week 7 Essay

п»їTraveling on the Or Trail has become a journey which i do not believe anyone can definitely prepare for. It is hard having to keep places continuously and leave our family behind understanding we may under no circumstances see them again. It is just a hard quest on everyone, it is also hard being a women. We have to make sure that the children are very well taken care of throughout this entire trip. Ensuring the children are safe is a big job to do. Besides ensuring our children remain safe, we women have to be sure our guys stay solid so they might make sure we could safe. Being sure that there is a food made to be capable to feed each of our people is just about the hardest job. We have to make an effort to make meals out of nothing at times, making sure that a food is manufactured is an important work. We have to learn new ways of cooking since we are certainly not cooking inside our homes anymore but with a campfire. It is just a very difficult moment for us, especially as a women. Traveling down the Oregon Trail I have noticed that the Mormons have visited an area in which they are able to get rid the persecution of their religion, they visited the Great Salt Lake. It seems so be hard enough to reside these times however it is harder when we are getting punished to get our beliefs. Finding a safe place for the time being helps to ensure profound results to practices their faith based beliefs in peace, it is hard to live realizing that the United States troops were there to persecute us citizens. Even though there is no actual war between the Mormons plus the United States troops it was still a troubling time that caused a whole lot of weird people because they did certainly not know if the United States will truly always be the ones to harm their own people. Realizing that can cause anyone to be afraid, with that I hope I am able to put these types of stories and incidents lurking behind us trying to live a peaceful existence settled straight down. Seeing my relatives again would be nice.